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  1. Catcalls are something I’m sure almost every female (because some are sick enough to catcall small girls) has experienced. It’s nothing new and it happens everywhere were men have no respect whatsoever for women. The writer, however, has quite a farfetched idea of who and where it’s most likely to be called “mamacita” or be catcalled. Mexicans aren’t the only men who are likely to catcall or wolf whistle. Men everywhere do it, and using any forms. Here in Panama, its almost impossible for an average woman to pass a construction site without getting wolf whistled or be sent a few flirty and insulting commentaries. The lascivious looks are also some of the things these men employ to try and “seduce” a woman, though I’ve never seen them succeed. Some may call it harmless, but in reality it has a degrading nature that most people don’t look at.

    I agree with the article by Laura Martinez when she says that catcallers are basically cowards and there is not right place or time to use the term “mamacita” or similar ones. It is not right, although some women seem to enjoy the attention. Its not something that can be stopped for it’s basically a part of some cultures, but some women might react in a different way many of the catcallers expect. Hopefully some might learn.

    1. Some man don’t even do it because they try to seduce a women. Some may just throw it as a compliment, or as a flirt to brighten your day or something. This aren’t man who are trying to seduce you, they are just bored. It is the view most woman have that everyone wants to get them to bed that makes catcalls bad

      1. But that’s not the point. Sure, you might send it as a “compliment” or be “flirting” but really, you can’t have much of an opinion about something without having experienced or be knowledgeable about it. You or some other males might do it because you’re bored, but some do it because they want to get something out of you. The fact that you think that it’s okay or we should ignore it, is one of the reasons why rape is so common. Men think we LIKE it, and then try to force their will on us, and that’s called harassment and can lead to rape. So no, i don’t think we are underestimated the problem that catcalling is.

  2. People who get affected by Catcalls are people with low self esteem. If you have a good self esteem you should feel valuable enough to know that whatever anyone may be saying to you doesn’t matter. You know what you are, and you know why whatever they are saying should be listened by you. Sure it isn’t something nice, and it happens everywhere, but its something of what anyone who cares about their actual life should care too. ‘Mami tas wena” is a normal catcall you’ll hear in Panama, BUT THATS IT. You only hear it walk away, and keep up with the rest of your day. If you have the time to actually care about whatever anyone is telling you on the street then you probably also have the time to reflect on how you should give 0 caring about it, and how you have better things to do.

    1. I agree with you. But feel like you should commented more clearly and got your opinion showed in more discrete way but I do kind of agree with you.

  3. To me this article is written by a very strong willed woman, who is paving the way women. Some men think it is ok, to catcall women thinking we can just ignore it, or we should walk away. Men don’t realise it the a very scary experience, when they shout catcalls at you, you think that they will follow you, and go through with what they are saying to you. Many men think that we are able to just walk away because we do, with fear and anxiety that they might follow us. To me it is disgusting how men believe that we sometimes like it and we enjoy being called racy, derogatory, degrading names walking down the street. A girl named Aly responded to catcalling with a video that really makes you think, .

  4. This article was very relatable , because when I run my 5k the cars start honking and whistling and catcalling me and it gets really scary and I start to run faster. It is really disrespectful and gross and it really makes me mad. Women should not let boys do this to them that is sexual assault. The miss mamasita contest is really bad . Why would someone go to just walk in not enough clothes and win money because they won the most mamasita and that is really disrespectful for women . This makes women have this view that we only work for sexual causes and not for our intelligence.Men should stop doing this because it is gross and disrespectful towards women.

  5. whatcanib says:

    And to people who think that it about socioeconomic status and race…think again.

  6. I never really payed attention to this issue because I thought it was normal and women do really minded, I personally do not do it because I don’t see a point in it, but apparently women do mind and is something that as any other issue needs to be fixed as soon as possible. I feel like it is going to take a really long time to fix this in many South American countries do to the culture (I know this because I lived there). I think that the people that do it do not really think about the women and how it is scary. They may say that the catcalling was going to be it but in reality the women think that they are going to act upon their claims and get nervous and believe that they have to run to get out of the awkward situation. Now I think women are almost adapted to it and do not really react which should not be the case.

    1. Daniel most of the catcalls are just out of the blue, and whoever said it may forget he said it like 5 minutes if the women doesn’t make a big deal. The people who say this things are men that have issues of their own. It is the overreactions women make that turn this catcalls into a big problem.

    2. I don’t understand about “woman don’t really minded”, because in my point of view is obvious. But I think that some people do not but them selves in other people shoes before something. It is very easy to difference a good action and a bad action. You do not say at the first time you met a girl that she is sexy.

  7. anapaula1112 says:

    Reading the article has impacted myself because I am a victim of sexual harassment as most women’s experience too allover the world. Men do not realize that cat calling women in the streets is a disrespectful manner they have acquired and I think it is wrong and unfair.My perceptive to this as a women is that cat calling is creating insecurity to women in society because they are tended to be observed as objects rather than human beings. As men women deserve to be respected and treated well, this doesn’t involve women to think men have power over them. Overall both of us are human beings and we should help each other to make equal rights.

  8. I completely agree with this lady, because we are woman’s and we should be respected.
    It is not every single woman that has low self stem. That always make me mad or scare.
    Catcalls are bad. Those woman from the video maybe don’t know but they won the “Mamacita”. I am pretty sure that a big part of the people who vote are males.They vote for the ladies that have more body shape and pretty face, probably they never feel good about them selves and they decide show their body on Television and feel loved by everyone.
    The worse thing is that, this happen anywhere at anytime and with anyone.
    I really don’t know what a men is thinking when he do catcalls.

  9. Mamacita! Is it a derogatory term or are you supposed to feel flattered? The article itself is defining a strong feminist woman. My reaction to this article was mainly in shock and thinking this is an exaggeration; but this is not an exaggeration it is the cold cruel reality. Women this day get catcalled at least once a week, this leads to many questions: Are we supposed to feel flattered or a we supposed to be offended? Many women think it is very offensive and derogatory, others think is not, this leads to the conclusion: Why do women accept this? I would think that it is derogatory and un-respectful; but for others it is a complement something to feel flattered. My response in one word: shock.

  10. Catcalls are always very derogatory against women. Catcalls are a problem everywhere, in some countries more than others. Here in Panama it happens a lot to women. Even girls with just 12 years of age are called “Mami” while walking in the side walk. Men should just approach to that girl and ask her “Hey, how was your day?” That makes them feel better and it’s not derogatory.

    1. whatcanib says:

      But this is not what you so vehemently defended in discussion.

  11. I never took interest in this issue, mainly because I thought that women didn’t mind it. I never knew how scary it could be for them, and I never will. I find it very disrespectful for men to treating women with words like, “Mamacita”. I honestly thought that women would take it as a compliment and would feel happy about themselves. But they feel the opposite. I do think that sometimes women could over-react and approach the person and yell at him. But the best thing to do is to walk away. The tone it is put in is what makes the catcall respectful. If it is in an sexual form. But some men out there should learn to respect women.

  12. Catcalling is a type of sexual harassment. In Panama and all over the world cat calling happens and it is almost never directed at men. These men categorize women into sexualized objects and not real human beings. According to some men, they see catcalling as a compliment or they think women should just get over it. Some even believe women should change their clothes or walk differently but, in reality this does not matter, it is the guys and every single person’s job to be respectful. This also ties in with the “Rape Culture” that we have created a culture where people think this is normal.

  13. The article describes a situation that is present virtually everywhere (contrary to the belief to it not happening in Spain), Catcalling is an issue faced mostly by women but sometimes by men and it is a situation hard to remedy. You cannot rally force people not to use profanity as you cannot force people to stop catcalling. It is simply part of someones culture and in some places it is so common that people get used to it. The main issue is that men are objectifying women and making them feel as if they are objects to be used to fulfill a mans sexual desires.

    Cat calling is something that really cannot be stopped but it is something that should not exist. It has nothing to do with social, economic, ratial status at all.

  14. Catcalls are derogatory and offensive to women in general and it happens a lot in many places in the world. I think catcalls are bad and not correct but I also believe that it is really not a big deal, it is very essay to ignore. Even though it is essay to ignore it doesn’t mean that it should be done.

    You can’t really say that all men do it and all women hate it or feel offended but I think that here in Panama women are use to it and they don’t really care any more. In a way it has become a part of the culture.

    1. whatcanib says:

      So based on your premise we should just ignore all things problematic. So where, when, and how do we provide solutions to problems? Do we just turn our backs and pretend that the atrocities that we are faced with do not exist? If you are not part of the solution then you are most certainly part of the problem.

      1. I think what rafael meant is that issues like this should be ignored due to the already stablished cultural standars, however, as Rafael I do also believe that this is a problem that needs to be fixed and for the meanwhile women are just going to have to ignore it until it gets fixed because it is not something that is fixed overnight.

  15. karolinus99 says:

    After reading the Article I can truthfully say that I felt like smacking the ‘Mamacita’ catcaller. I would have to say that all and every catcalls are truly disgusting and awful, however Mamacita, that really did cross the line. When the article described what Mamacita meant I was not only confused but also bewildered at the thought of young and elderly men calling an attractive women mommy. Why would you WANT to call a women/girl that you think is attractive the same thing you call your MOTHER!? Or something to do with your mother (According to the things I have seen in Latin America).

    Laura Martinez, the author of the article, sounds to be older than me and has therefore an elder perspective on this topic; however, from a younger perspective such as myself I can say that it is extremely uncomfortable. You start to feel so wary of your surroundings and insecure about your running and strength, because there is always that IF. What IF the catcaller had other expectations, IF he starts to follow me IF he can catch me, IF he wants something from me IF that happens WHAT will I do!?

    The Dictionary meaning of Catcall is: A harsh or shrill call or whistle expressing derision or disapproval.
    And I couldn’t agree more. There is also a hash tag going through twitter, #YesAllWomen, this post is just one of them about catcalls:

  16. Don’t Call Me ‘Mamacita.’ I Am Not Your Mommy.

    if you never get call like that in Panama , you never walk on the streets. Now In Panama is like a culture, but is that culture right. Woman and teenager are daily hearing ” mamacita or sabrosa ” when they walk on the street, it doesn’t matter what are you wearing or if you are along or not, You Will Hear. People think that is fine and that you should pay attention but… Really…. This is inrespecfull for woman, not only that, but girls are scare of this people because they think that they will take it to mayor. Men’s think girls liked and that make them fell good, but no . Its offensive and that’s all.

  17. Catcalls are nothing but an objectification of women, and they are insulting and intolerable: I thought that this was an absolute truth, that pretty much everybody with a certain amount of cultural-educational standards (not to confuse with socio-economic standards) understood and promoted. Instead I see people defending them, saying that women are always overreacting to them, and that no one should care about what people say in the street, that we even should feel flattered or pleased by catcalls.

    What makes catcalls so insulting and deplorable is not the catcall itself, but its repetition and what it implies. For instance, let’s say you are jogging, and there are men staring at you in a very inappropriate way. Then, catcalls start, and you may ignore the first one and the second one, get a little annoyed at the third one, get really offended and a little bit scared at the fourth one; but after the fifth, seventh or tenth catcall, (and in a process that repeats itself every day over and over and over) chances are that you will stop jogging, or at least enjoying it as much as before. I am not exaggerating anything, because catcalls are extremely common here and in most or all countries, which makes this situation completely possible.

    Despite of what everybody says, I think the cultural reaction to catcalls and the level of acceptance of them changes between place and place. The article itself points out how catcalls are really normalized in Mexico, while in the U.S. they happen a lot less: “Of course, women everywhere, are on the receiving end of catcalls but it happens less often in the U.S. than Mexico.”
    Of course, I am generalizing here; I am not saying that there are countries without catcalls at all and countries with extreme amounts of them, but both from the article and my personal experience I can say that there is a lot of difference about catcalls between place to place. For example, before arriving to Panama, the most similar thing to a catcall I’ve ever received were some steady looks from people my age: it never happened to receive sexual insults from a stinky forty year old men that looked drunk (which is really terrifying) while walking down the street; and that’s considering the fact that Italy is, according to the Istat, the country where women spend most time in the kitchen in all Europe.

  18. gabriela5406 says:

    Catcalling is an irrespecutful and unmindful approach of assault or harassment. Men consider catcalling a normal way of complementing women when in fact, it is a sexual assault. The article relates to Machismo, here in Panama it is common for women to be catcalled on the streets “mamita”, “linda” or gestures like whistling. People now consider catcalling a societal norm, since it an ideal we have been raised in. Although some women may believe it is normal, it is just lack of self esteem. Women may be seen as sexual objects, due to the fact that we are adapted a society with a lack of respect.

  19. judyasman1 says:

    In my experience, large amounts of catcalls accumulate in specific places- Places where the rights and values of women are undermined and oppressed. In these areas, a rape-culture is prominent and women a valued for nothing more that their physical traits rather than intellectual ability. I lived in Australia for a grand seven years and, call me oblivious, I never was catcalled. Sure, if you walk down the street of a poorer area of town in a skimpy bikini, you may encounter the odd catcaller, but honestly, who does that. My opinion may be slightly idealistic, considering the fact that I moved to Australia when I was seven, but in Australia, we have female prime ministers and leaders and only the occasional outback hick would be stupid enough to say anything about that fact. I put this down to the all- around culture of the country. When I first moved to panama, I could figure out why people honked so much. For literally the first three months, I was completely oblivious to the fact that most of those cars that honked as they passed me down the road contained forty-year-old men who thought it was okay to hit on a fourteen-year-old girl.

    The day I finally figured it out, I was really upset. I honestly believed, from my time in Australian culture that very few men honestly believed that women didn’t realty count as people. I am not necessarily saying that all people of Panama or Lesser Economically Developed Countries are catcallers, and certainly not all men, but it is clear to me that education that is often funded well in Economically Developed Countries helps to reduce objectification and increase respect toward different races, genders and social classes.

  20. I think catcalling is a major issue for women. We as men may not see it, but if we would look at it in a womens point of view it is totally different. Catcalling affects women because women do not see it as a compliment, they may feel disrespected by it. Catcalling does not have a racial, social or political effect but it can not be stopped, but we can try and stop it.

  21. Catcalling is a major issue that women face. It is really sad how men are so immature and don’t realize how offensive catcalling can be. Men objectify women as sexual objects and called them “mamacita”. Since men have sexually objectify women, it has been a tradition and they have been accustomed to catcalling, this is really sad because only 4.7% of women appreciate when men catcall them. The sad thing is that men do not realize that women don’t like being catcalled, this is a very sad issue and it can lead into rape and sexual harassment. Men need to stop doing this because they have to respect women and do not objectify them.

  22. 12yeison says:

    This article provided some serious insight on my perception about CatCalls and how a women perceives this. In my opinion some catcalls can be derogatory and degrading to a women’s self being and self esteem though men in general do not wish this to happen. This is a big deal though there are 2 sides to it. I am somewhat in the middle within perspectives.

    In my opinion it depends on the situation if the women would be affected. Many women dislike it though some would consider it a complement. When men do it they are not doing it to make them feel harassed instead they are intending it as a compliment to let out their feelings and opinions. over the generations people have done it so much society has gotten used to it so they don’t react so people let it roll over now. Comments like Mamacita is vulgar though saying hey girl your so sexy she would feel flattered in my opinion. These men are just trying to state their mind not trying to injure the women.

    1. 12yeison says:

      After reconsidering my opinions, after hearing from someone else’s opinion about catcalls I realised how serious of an issue it is. These women who are scandalised and scarred from these comments from people who are “machismo”. The person told me how once someone catcalled her and she felt scared and violated. She felt that the person was going to violate her and it just made her feel scared. Women all over are called comments like mamasita and when they receive these comments it just makes them scared. This should not happen though it does so that is a bad thing.

  23. This article made me think about this word; in Colombia is also used for calling pretty girls and women has get used to this, but this is not good because women have become degrading with this type of words. This shows ignorance in the men that do this kind of things because they are making the women stay down be treated as objects. Also this shows machismo and an attitude that looks to be from 60 years ago when the machismo and this kind of comments were normal for the women. This may change if the education that men receive in their house and in the school because the ignorance is the fact tat makes the people not to think about the feelings of the people.

  24. acrespo12345 says:

    after reading this article i got to the conclusion that most of the people that do his have a lack of respectfulness, lack of education at home (by their parents).

    Men’s thought when they catcall a women is is that they think girls like it but actually they don’t they just don’t stand up because they feel insecureness because they might be sexuale violated, and they want to seduce them. Women do not like it , Men’s think that because they don’t react , or don’t stand up for themselves, they think it’s fine, and that they “like it”. What happens is that if women stands up for themselves men might react just leaving from where they are, or they might stand up for themselves because they are not just ignorance but because of “machismo” they would stand up to the women and would lead up to violation, or to violence.

    My conclusion about this article is that mens should put themselves in the woman’s shoes to see if they like it or not.

  25. mmartin665 says:

    This type of offensive nicknames directed to women referencing their body are unnecessary and men should keep them for their selves. This type of topic is complicated to discuss in a group because everyone has different perspectives. Some men may think its correct to catcall women and they think women takes it as a complement; however, some men thinks its offensive to catcall women and women does not take it as a complement. Majority of women, in the other side, are afraid of catcalls because they don´t know what the man or group of men is going to do next. Other women will take it different and either accept it and continue or turn and talk to them. This difference of reactions and points of view are due to the low self steam of the women, some men does it to call her attention, and others to tell them he likes her and then is where the fear of the different actions the men come in.

  26. While reading this article, I could do nothing more than to shake my head in disbelief. Though hearing stories about women being catcalled is nothing new to me, it makes me sad to think that men who cause this think nothing of it. A Cat Call By definition is, “A loud whistle or a comment of a sexual nature made by a man to a passing women.” And the fact that men don’t realize this is sad and just proves of their ignorance. You whistle to a dog, to animals in general, not a human being. And if a man does not have the common sense to address these women the way they want to be addressed, then they should keep on moving and not bother them.

    Laura Martinez, the author of the article, in my opinion took the right approach when addressing the offender head on and making it clear that she did not approve of that behavior. But catcalling has been around for a very long time, the only way we could possibly address this problem is by starting young. Letting these young women know that this is wrong and it isn’t natural/normal. It’s derogatory/degrading and shouldn’t be casually dished out to unsuspecting passerby’s who did nothing wrong. They should show respect because women are human beings as well.

  27. There’s a huge difference between complimenting and catcalling, and the majority of men don’t understand that. Compliments are nice, catcalls, instead, are disrispectful. In my opinion they are disgusting and scary, just as those who say it. People think that we like it because most of us don’t react, but the main reason why we don’t react is because we’re scared; what if that they might get mad and react in a rude way. Some guys even blame us and say that it’s our fault for having the body we do. Many men believe that we should feel flattered or happy; however, from the 80% of women who have been street harrased only 4.7% feel that way, while over 74% feel annoyed, angry or disgusted.

  28. nahlac says:

    This article can be viewed as a good thing to do (from a boy’s perspective) and a very disrespectful thing to do (from a girl’s perspective). I find that low self-esteem plays a huge role as to whether the girl/woman likes it at all; if she has low self-esteem, it will make them feel beautiful and “hot” though if the girl is very offended by it, it might make her self-esteem achieve that low standard. When I read what mamacita means, it doesn’t really seem offensive until I see that it means “hot momma” and that it basically means that they want you to be the mother of their children. Mamacita isn’t the absolute line crosser, but I can clearly read how that affects a woman and how, if someone said that to me, I would also be very offended.
    I know that when a girl talks about how a boy made catcalls to her in the street to another boy, the boy she was talking to will; either think it’s normal or that it’s disrespectful. In most cases (as we debated about in class) boys don’t understand what we girls feel when someone catcalls us and the boys think that if girls don’t react they must like it. I find that that way of thinking is very ignorant, it’s like they think that girls are emotionless and love every insult that comes at their face.

  29. sophie says:

    Many men believe that catcalls are the best way to “compliment” a woman, but men do you know how we feel? There are many different words and many languages, men catcall women. In the article Don’t Call Me ‘Mamacita.’ I Am Not Your Mommy, Laura Martinez tells us how she has been catcalled, and how it is related to the culture. I’ve lived in Mexico, and it is true, you walk in the street, or even inside a mall or supermarket, and guys catcall you. Mexico is not the only country where it happens, but its one of the most known for the machismo.
    Guys believe we like it and we enjoy it, but the truth is we don’t, of course there is women that have low self-esteem and could enjoy it. Men don’t know how it feels, we don’t do that to them. When they tell you something (a catcall), you feel vulnerable, you might be in shock, so you don’t react, and it can become something more dangerous. I think men have to think before saying any of this type of things, if you think the girl is “hot”, compliment her, don’t go and catcall them. We like compliments, real compliments like, “you look pretty”, “that dress looks good on you”, ” I like your smile”, phrases like this are compliments not the ones they use today.

  30. Many men, specially today, think that it is “okay “to whistle, call hot, do other catcalls to women. Common comments among hispanic men is calling the woman, “que buena estas, mamacita” and such other things. I really don’t understand why men don’t realize that it a sugarcoated insult. They also think, “It depends on the girl, to. If she is ugly, then we don’t catcall her.” Men have a misconception of catcalls that needs to be fixed. Men need to learn what a woman will feel if she gets catcalled.

  31. Jack says:

    I believe that catcalling a women can be taken in two distinct ways. I think that every culture has their social norms and in some countries catcalling could or could not be offensive. I am unable to speak for women and i have some insight as to what they feel but yet again everyone has their opinion and is entitled to it. In my culture and country i have never heard someone make a comment about catcalling or the disrespect of the action. Catcalling happens often and i was never taught not to as i was with bad language, disrespect for adults or misbehaviour. I believe that in some countries catcalling could be seen as disrespectful and other it is the norm. I have catcalled in my life and my intentions are not to insult a girl or to hurt their self-esteem but instead to express my feeling for them not of their body parts but of their look (there are two different things). Today in English everyone stated their opinion, some i agreed with and other i did not. I don’t believe that it is a large issue and should be taken as an insult rather it should be taken as a compliment and should not really be thought of by girls. Catcalling may be objectifying but it is not implying the negatives of someones (LOOKS NOT BODY PARTS) rather than the positives.

    1. It is clear that you don’t understand what women feel when they get catcalled. Your statement ”I think that every culture has their social norms and in some countries catcalling could or could not be offensive” is ignorant. This is not about cultural, social, racial or economical status whatsoever. This is about gender entitlement, and how boys feel the need to ”compliment” women in a disrespectful way. If you think a girl is pretty, keep it to yourself; or approach her in a decent manner. ”Hey, you look really pretty today” WILL guarantee a ”Thank you” back. But if you are too much of a coward to actually tell her face-to-face, don’t whistle. Or catcall. We are not animals or sexual objects that you can make comments about.

      1. whatcanib says:

        I cosign on this comment. I could not have said it better myself!

  32. Jack says:

    I believe that instead of speaking about things that affects women all the time, we should discuss something that affect men. It would be interesting to see how the tables turn and see what the female assets of the 8th grade think.

    1. whatcanib says:

      I believe that these issues effect both men and women. These are human issues not issues that are gendered.

    2. Please, give us a ”men” issue that you wish we could discuss.

      1. 12yeison says:

        Here is a men’s Issue

  33. If men called me “Mamacita” in the street I would probably get scared and I would definitely run away , because this is kind of a sexual harassment. Most of women have same opinion like me because they are also scared, and none of them are probably feel happy.
    Women always ignored men in the street because that’s annoying them, and to me it’s same as calling me “Chinese” in the street. Every time as I go to the street, people can’t decide “Japanese or Chinese”, and so they just call me Chinese. And this is same as calling women as Mamacita, which is really annoying them. For men it is hard thing to understand, but it is same when women tell them that “you have no muscle, just like a stick.” Men would probably get upset, but this is what we(women) are always listening from them.
    Catcalls happens most of countries especially in Latin America, some men or women might think that it is just a compliment, but actually it is not. This is really disrespectful, and they have to know why it is. Because a lot of us usually get scared and don’t know what to do, so even though if men are just joking they have to think about how it can impact to us(women).

  34. My first impression of this article was utter disgust. It is very shocking to realise the amount of ignorance that surrounds me every day. Today we had a discussion about the article, and comments like ”Women should take it as a compliment” and ”It is nothing to be afraid of” kept raising. Majority of boys in our class believe that this is completely right, and that only butt-hurt overreacting girls are the only ones affected. When someone catcalls you, the environment turns threatening, and the rest of walk is just pure insecurity. We DONT want to be reminded of our bodies, specially in a public place by a complete stranger. Sexually objectifying girls is not okay in any level, and I wish that boys would see this. Complimenting and catcalling are two different things.

  35. charlyssm says:

    Don´t call me “Mamacita.”I am not your Mommy

    I personally don´t think cat calling is correct because it reflects that a man´s perception about a girl is a sexual desire, when in a lot of cases it isn´t. For those people who aren´t respectful, still they should respect girls. I personally think calling “mamacita” doesn´t show any symptoms of attractions, and it really ruins you chances with that woman, because she would no longer feel comfortable with him.

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