What’s so Scary about Smart Girls?



Read this article about the girls being kidnapped in Nigeria

After reading, discuss the article with your partner.  Attempt to write a critical analysis of the article. Considering some of the conversations that I heard today, I am adding a what Critical Analysis is NOT.

Critical analysis is not

  • A straight description of something
  • Making assumptions without checking them out
  • Making generalizations which are not supported by evidence
  • Accepting information without questioning it
  • Saying ‘the writer says this, that writer says that’ without also giving your views on what the differences are between what the two writers are saying. (Drew and Bingham, 2001: 282) in a study skills book.*

26 Comments Add yours

  1. This is a very hard topic to comment on because is very strong. Women or girls that doesn’t have educations are an issue that affects the way men treats women and this should stop, but the most important problem in this topic is that those terrorist did take the educated girls from Nigeria. But this people that are doing this kind of terrorist attacks aren’t normal people, they are people that didn’t has education and don’t know how to resonate and solve problems in a way that doesn’t affect people, they are just ignorant that wanted to change a country with violence, and this shouldn’t be solved with more war o military, this should be solved with more education for Nigeria so future adults will be able to know what they should do and also they can know the matters so they don’t do this kind of criminal acts in that country.

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