Literature Circle


Now that we have come to the end of part one in our reading, we are going to work in literature circles to delve deeper  into the text.


Literature Circle Meetings:

You will meet with your group at least two times

per week. During group meetings you will:

 Come prepared.

 Sit so everyone can see each other.

 Get started right away.

 Look at the person who is talking.

 Listen to understand.

 Ask questions to understand better.

 Speak clearly but not too loud.

 Wait for the speaker to finish.

 Signal when you want a turn

 Make sure everyone gets a turn.

 Build on each other’s ideas.

 Respect each other’s ideas.

 Stay on topic.

 Provide evidence for your thinking.

Jot down new information/thoughts/ideas you have gained from the discussion.

DO NOT read ahead




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