Familiar Rites and Rituals

Image Write a National Geographic News article about one modern ritual with which you are very familiar.

Try to replicate the style of National Geographic News articles when writing your piece.

  • Choose a modern day ritual
  • Use a minimum of four Non Fiction text features
  • Consider text structures
  • Attach a bibliography to the end of your article
  • Post on your blog and link to the class blog
  • If you are posting from a PDF be sure to have a blurb about your article on your page above the link

42 Comments Add yours

  1. juanf007 says:


    In your first comunion you confirm your belief in god because in bapstism you arent completely sure.

  2. http://rafaelperezpire.wordpress.com/2013/09/11/first-communion-traditions-and-modern-life/?preview=true&preview_id=102&preview_nonce=4ac59be3c4&post_format=standard

    In Spain there are special ways of celebrating the first communion. There are many differences to other countries that celebrated. In the ceremony there are differences than to another normal ceremony. Children have to go through different steps to be able to receive God. But how is the modern days affecting the old tradition?

    1. charlyssm says:

      Changed link with better quality images: http://wp.me/p2HrVJ-2u

    1. mmartin665 says:

      this one is the good one

    1. b says:

      Yeison, your blog does not work. When I click on the link you provide on your blog it says “does not exist.” Please figure it out and re-post

  3. http://amaanjhangimal.wordpress.com/2013/09/13/httpamaanjhangimal-weebly-comwork-html/

    here is mine sorry for being late, i had problems posting the pdf so i posted it on my other blog

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