Banning The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian


Some school districts and parents have tried to ban the reading of The Absolutely True Story of a Part-Time Indian in their schools. Now that you have read the book, read the article and weigh in.

Do you think that the book should be banned?

Did you find the messages in the book  harmful or helpful?

Should books be banned from schools?


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  1. dorothyflagg says:

    Yes, The Absolutely True Diary Of a Part Time Indian, does have strong language and some sexual content, but that is no reason to have it banned from schools around the world. The True Diary Of a Part Time Indian is an amazing story about a ,native American, teenage boy who is going through some of the same things that many of this books readers have or are bounded to go through in their own lives. This book has given me very helpful message. It has taught me to look always try and find a positive outcome in a situation. Personally, I think that the book should be a required reading for 8-9th grade students. There is nothing in this book that we have not heard or talked about with our friends at some point, and to try and protect us like a bubble is pointless. guarding us from these kinds of things, Yes I can understand this, but when we are children, not teenagers. banning books in general is a senseless thing to do. books are art, they are ways for author to express a feeling or send a message to the public, though a story. banning books is not something that i would agree with, on the Contreras I highly disagree with the banning of books.

  2. I disagree with the parents that think that the book should be banned from Schools. Yes, the content might be a little explicit for some ages but the student’s attitude by reading the book should be mature for their ages. I think the parents that want the book to be banned are forgetting the fact that the text, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, teaches their son or daughter some coming of age issues and some history of the conflict between Native Americans and North Americans.

  3. alisadn says:

    I don’t think the book should be banned even though it includes sexual language, off-color jokes, and discussions of masturbation, racism, alcoholism and violence. It is a part of life that people should be aware of. These serious issues affect many children, and this book doesn’t show them in a bad way. It is reality and the author explains them well for teens.

    I found most messages in the book helpful because it helped me understand issues that happen all around the world. I don’t suffer from these issues so it is good I learn about them and realize how privileged I am. Maybe in the future I will become so inspired that I want do help prevent these issues. This is reality and everyone should be aware of what happens to less fortunate people.

    It really depends on the book that people want to ban from schools. If it so inappropriate that not even some adults are ready for than they should be banned. It also depends on what grades the schools go up to. If they mention issues that commonly happen in the world and they are not too inappropriate about it than it most likely should not be banned.

    1. whatcanib says:

      I am glad to know that it has made you want to take action. That is the mark of quality literature.

  4. Juan Gallego says:

    No, I think the book shows how we as teenagers really are, and how we express our selves. i does have a strong language, but in my case it has funny. I enjoyed the book because it haw different from the rest, because most school books are boring, but this one has funny, and was really how a teenager life is. The message of the book has helpful, because I finally learned how a Native American life is, in a young’s adult point of view. This book, in my opinion, doesn’t have to banned because it doesn’t say anything offending, he just says it in a joke way; so people most take it the same way, not personal but as funny.

  5. gloriachu17 says:

    I don’t think The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian should be banned from schools just because parents say it is a “trashy” book. Instead, it is a very interesting book mostly for teenagers because they are starting to live and growing up so they have to know what this world is about. I didn’t find the messages in the book harmful either. I found them helpful now that they were all referred to teenager problems. Though, this book may be strong when talking about sex and all this stuff but teenagers are growing up and at the same time maturing and we have to understand it and I don’t think it should be banned from school because anyone who would read it, would enjoy it.

  6. I think that the book should not be banned, especially in my school because “the absolute true diary of a part-time Indian” may have inappropriate language and sexual content but when I see a bad word I scratch it and replace it with something that is more appropriate than the nasty word. Behind all of the inappropriate stuff in the book, there were many kinds of special things that helped me learned how to be a risk-taker and how to care about my friends. This book is funny, sentimental, and famous. Sherman Alexie made this book and the book was awarded “best book ever”. This book was about a Native American named Arnold “junior” Spirit who left the rez to go to a white school and there were many different experiences that he had while he was in Reardan. he made new friends, and he learn to defend himself from bullies. This book is OK but this is not recommended for children and teenagers.

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