Mango Street Issues



In Mango street we were confronted with issues like growth, sexuality, and maturity; gender roles and expectations; fitting in; escape; and finding one’s home.

As a group, create a Prezi to show how the issues were addressed in the vignettes.

Please link your group Prezi here.


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    1. nahlacurran says:

      Your prezi is very easy to read.4
      There was no spelling or grammatical mistakes. 4
      You don’t have all of the contents in your Prezi. 2
      Your presentation was balanced and easy-to-follow. 3

      1. Daniel says:

        Clarity and Neaness 3:
        Your prezi is easy to read and easy to follow. You could have used some pictures though

        Spelling and Gramar 4:
        The presentation has no spelling errors and lots of information. The writing was great. No errors

        Content 1:
        Your prezi is supposed to be about machismo, but i barely saw some of it. For example in My Name you say “She explains how her grandma had her life taken away.” This doesn’t show anything about machismo.

        Creativity 1:
        You had no pictures or any other media device. You just had text with the exception of one Sandra Cisneros picture tht could barely be seen

    1. nahlacurran says:

      Your Prezi was a little complicated to understand but other than that it was good. Your biography was very well written and very interesting. Good job!
      You didn’t have any spelling our grammatical mistakes.
      It was interesting. Thank you!

    2. 16amanda says:

      Your prezi was neat and organized. We really enjoyed the video and the creativity. It was simple yet plenty. The only thing to work on would be the detail of each paragraph and more references and phrases from the book. Good job.
      Amanda O., Sebastian, Jack, and Ana Paula

    1. marcohd18 says:

      marco haskins and kristina zuniga prezi

      1. Clarity and Neatness: Easy to read but there are no photos

        Spelling and Grammar: There were many spelling and grammar mistakes throughout the Prezi, things such as capitol letters ad apostrophes.

        Content: We don’t think you understood the full assignment because your perspective was added, and there was no biographical sketch. Some of the answers could have been deeper and more thought out.

        Creativity: It was good that the font was all the same, but there were no pictures or colour, but we thought that the zoom was exciting.

        Zita and Morgan

      2. Thanks for the feedback you two gave us. Next time we will look over and check and fix the spelling and grammar before we turn it in. Again, thank you for letting us know.

    2. Yeison Shultz says:

      This press was not good it was actually bad. It was boring, It lacked detail, and photos It was not creative. we believe that this prezi did not contain the proper detail that the prezi actually needed. The grammar was not good so we can obviously tell that you did no editing.

      1. Jocelyn,Yeison,Martin,Juan Luis Cucalon says:

        This prezi was not good it was actually bad. It was boring, It lacked detail, and photos It was not creative. we believe that this prezi did not contain the proper detail that the prezi actually needed. The grammar was not good so we can obviously tell that you did no editing to this assignment. It was ok in every other way.

        Jocelyn,Yeison,Martin,Juan Luis Cucalon

    3. davidgateno says:

      creativity: need more pictures

      spelling and grammar: you had to put the chapters in quotation marks, and the title of the chapter with capital letters.

    1. Clarity & Neatness: This prezi was easy to read and most elements are clearly written, labelled or pictures. Although there was only one picture.

      Spelling & Grammar: There were a few spelling and grammatical errors. Some sentences did not make sense because of the grammatical errors of some words.

      Content: Meets all the criteria of the assignment. All content is in the students’ own words and is accurate.

      Creativity: The prezi is balanced, attractive and easy to follow, however there was no media, that makes it creative, to catch the audiences’ attention.

      On the whole, this prezi was very good with content, you only need to revise the grammar and add media.
      Nice Job, we really enjoyed it!

      Sofia, Valeria, Daniela & Tanya

    2. ares11 says:

      It was a good prezi but it was a bit boring. It had good text but it was not creative. It had no pictures no media whatsoever except the picture at the beginning. the grammar was good throughout most of the Prezi so in overall it was ok.

    1. 16amanda says:

      We liked your creativity when you went into the letter O to explain Sandra Cisneros. You also had very good ideas and animations. More detail and explanation was needed for each vignette shown. You needed more evidence from the book and give more reasons on why the characters want to escape from Mango Street.

  1. imogendenson says:

    1. Daniel says:

      Clarity and Neatness 4:
      I had no problem reading through ti and it was neatly organized

      Spelling and Grammar 4:
      Spelling was really clear and i had no trouble getting stuck reading it

      Content 4:
      You did exactly what you needed to do and answered your questions with easily understandable answers

      Creativity 4:
      It had great media devices used. It kept me entertained all the time


  2. nahlacurran says:
    This prezi was made by Morgan Sands, Carlos Arroyo, Shane Brown, and Nahla Curran

    1. Clarity and Neatness, it was easy and simple to follow, however we thought that the music in the background was distracting when we are watching the video. You explained fitting in very clearly, however you did not explain how it impacted Esperanza.
      Spelling and Grammar, there were very few grammar mistakes, but overall the grammar and the spelling was fine.
      Creativity, it was really nice how you added pictures and a video, but more related pictures could have been nice.
      Daniel Montilla
      Mencia M.

    2. We liked how the group put the theme as the boardwalk and then try to fit it in with the theme.

      We also enjoyed the music that you put in the Prezi because it matched the theme and was enjoyable..

      We also liked how you talked about the author and then you enhanced that with a video.

      Marco Haskins & Kristina Zuniga

  3. emilyduque9 says:

    Emily, Valeria, Daniela, Carlos S, and Tanya’s Prezi- Gender Roles and Expectations

    1. 16amanda says:

      Creativity: We enjoyed your illustrations underneath each slide.
      Spelling and Grammar: There were grammar mistakes such as; a boys and because being the first word to start each paragraph.
      Content: More detailed explanation was needed to get your point across because we didn’t quite understand what your topic was.
      Clarity: It was clear but lacked detail. We feel you could have worked harder on making it neater.
      Amanda O, Jack, Sebastian, and Ana Paula

    1. davidgateno says:

      spelling and grammar: You have to write the title of the book without quotations marks.

    2. Daniel says:

      Clarity and Neatness 3
      It was easily understandable and very neatly organized.

      Spelling and Grammar 2
      The spelling and Grammar were the only parts of the presentation that failed to make your prezi great.

      Content 4:
      It has all of the information needed for your topic. It was easily understandable and had a lot of details.

      Creativity 4
      You organized the information with pictures that made me stay interested in your prezi. Good Job

    1. davidgateno says:

      creativity: your group need more pictures but the information is good.

    1. whatcanib says:

      Still not able to enter.

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