Vignette Portfolio

windowsNow that you have finished your journey down Mango Street and have written vignettes that are touching, telling, and sometimes Tabu, please submit your vignette portfolio for us all to enjoy.

Task Description:
  • Prepare a portfolio consisting of 6 vignettes that together describe aspects of your world and memories of your childhood. Your portfolio should bring to life the moments, places, and people in YOUR “Mango Street.” – Your house, your street, your name, your family members, your friends, your neighborhood, your most vivid memories of carefree times, sorrowful times, moments of insight and learning, and moments of change.  You already have written items that could be revised and included in your portfolio.
  • Your vignettes should contain the elements that Cisneros uses: vivid sensory details, interesting similes, metaphors, and poetic descriptions. Focus on diction, syntax, figurative language and tone. Create a variety of moods in your vignettes.  Create an evocative overall title, and find a title for each of your short vignettes.  Notice the “punch lines” that end each of Cisneros’ vignettes – try to use a “zinger” line to end each of your vignettes.
  • Cover Page: Your collection has a cover page with your title and an illustration that reflects your personal theme or defining symbol from your writing.

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