2012 Year in Review

imagesLet’s take some time to reflect on your year. What were your accomplishments? What were your disappointments? What Learner Profile attributes best reflected your year?

Share your year with us by posting  your  presentation on your blog and linking it to the class blog.


86 Comments Add yours

  1. juanluis206 says:

    – posted my year in review on youtube here is the link

    1. Jack says:

      Great job Juan Luis, again you prove to me your passion for animals and nature.

      1. Good Job, i didn´t know that you had so many animals, and that you saw and feed a lot of animals in a zoo

  2. mariacova9 says:

    I have already managed to upload the video to YouTube and the link is at the end of the post

  3. nahlacurran says:

    I realized one image was missing. But now its perfect.

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