Rice Sandwich

Have a conversation with your classmates describing Esperanza’s shame and explaining the mother daughter relationship in the vignette “Rice Sandwich.”

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  1. I think that Esperanza’s mother just got tired of her constant begging. She knows what Esperanza wants, but she also knows that it will be more work for her if she lets her go to the canteen everyday. I think that her mother knew that the note would not allow her to eat there everyday, and I also think that Esperanza’s mother knew that the canteen would not be as great as Esperanza hoped that it would be. But I don’t think that Esperanza tells her mother everything about her experiences with the nuns. But I am sure that her mother is satisfied when Esperanza is denied the opportunity to eat in the canteen. I don’t think that in this chapter, the mother daughter relationship is very strong between them, they just want each other to do what only they want, without thinking of the consequences.

    1. Jack says:

      Very true Zita, I did not think about what happened after she left the canteen that day.

      1. whatcanib says:

        Do you think her mother wants her out of the house in order to miss her as she suggested?

    2. whatcanib says:

      Zita, why do you not see a closeness between Esperanza and her mother? Why do you think her mother makes a fuss about preparing lunch?

    3. juan luis says:

      I think she is humiliated throughout the story because of the nun, pointing to a house, and crying while eating her rice sandwich. she wanted to be special and now she’s facing the consequences.

  2. juanf007 says:

    I think her shame comes from here house she doesnt like it at all but when shes in the Nuns office she says her home is an ugly row of third-flats, because shes under pressure she just wants to get out of the situation. She settles for the uglier houses instead of saying, no, this is my house.

    Her relationship with her mom is good but you see Esperanza really annoys her alot with the note to the nun excusing her from going home and eating. You could tell she put very little effort in the note and wrote it to shut Esperanza up as it said shed been bothering her for three days

  3. mmartin665 says:

    My thoughts about this vignette are that maybe Esperanza was alone because the other people all ready know each other and they where friends so thats one of the possible reasons why she was alone and was upset. When she get back home she will feel bad about the it because it wasn’t what she expected it was going to be like.

    1. juan luis says:

      “The ones who wear keys around their necks.” Those kids don’t have a mom to go home to because they are working, unlike Esperanza’s stay at home mom because of the machismo culture.
      Maybe because it is only a one-parent household there isn’t anyone to go home to.

  4. Daniel Montilla says:

    No one has left a reply so I am going to start the conversation… On the book The House on Mange street we see that Esperanza is trying to be like other kids and want to make friends and avoid being Lonely. All her brothers have someone to be with exempt her, even her little sister. She thought the day was going to be a fine day but it was terrible because she got humiliated and as the book says “which one is your house” and she pointed in one that was not even hers and was a bad house. I think she did not really care about we’re she pointed because they were all the same bad and rusty. And that is my opinion on this chapter hope you liked it!

    – Daniel Montilla

    1. whatcanib says:

      What do you think about the mother-daughter relationship?

    2. juan luis says:

      I think she feels bad about were she lives. The nun humiliated her by making her point at the house.

  5. I think that the relation between Esperanza and her mother is a relation that hasn’t developed that much because for Esperanza her mum means everything for now and her mum also lets Esperanza do whatever se wants to do for know because probably she wants to keep their relation for now.

    1. Jack says:

      I do not totally agree, i think that their relationship is very strong because in “Hairs” Esperanza describes is great description, how they have a special bond with each other.

  6. Jack says:

    Esperanza was ashamed of herself for trying so hard to get a chance to eat in the canteen. After all her efforts and pleading to her mother, she was finally able to ask for permission to go to the canteen. Then when sister superior read the note she was not so willing to let Esperanza eat in the canteen because she thought that she knew where Esperanza lived. When Sister superior looked out the window to point at where Esperanza lived, Esperanza gave in and agreed that that was where she lived. Even though Esperanza knew the truth she was too timid to say anything. Esperanza sat in the canteen very humiliated, while she ate her rice sandwich and all the kids stared at her as she cried.

    Because of Esperanza’s special relationship with her mother, it was hard for her mother to give in too the fact that Esperanza would eat at the canteen instead of at home with her family. Her mom did not see the point in letting her daughter eat different food somewhere else, when she could eat the regulars with her family at home. Beside the fact that Esperanza has a special relationship with her mother, it is also is an extra expense to buy the bread and the other condiments. As a result Esperanza takes a rice sandwich to the canteen.

  7. jocilynmoore says:

    In the chapter ” A rice sandwich” We find out that Esperanza wants to eat at the Canteen. She wants to eat at the Canteen because she thinks that the kids who go to eat there are special because their parents aren’t here because they are working or something like that. So Esperanza asks her mom a bunch of times to write a note to the Sister Superior so she could eat there. But the sister is not convinced because she never came there before. SO she asks Esperanza to point to her house and she points to the “Row of ugly three flats, even the raggedy men are ashamed to go into.” After that the sister lets her go to eat.

    In here we find that when Esperanza points to that house we find that, yes, she is still ashamed of the house that she lived in. The reason why ssh pointed to that raggedy house was because houses like that to her are the same as her house. So she did not care about what house she pointed to. And in the first chapter one of the girl nun’s saw her house before and was surprised that she lived there. After that girl gave her the remark, “You live there?” She did not want to be made fun of again.

    And in this chapter the relationship that Esperanza and her mother has is still going nicely. But when she begs her mother for the note and her mom disagrees she gives a whole lot of reasons on how if she eats at the canteen then she won’t be around a lot and her mom can appreciate her more. So I guess she was telling us that their relationship would grow much stronger if she wasn’t around much, her mom would miss her. And this is what I had to say about this chapter.

  8. She really shows us in this vignette how excited she is about staying to eat at the
    canteen because she thinks she will fit in and get new friends. Although when
    she went, she was really disappointed and it was going to be her first and last
    time she was staying to eat because the nun didn’t let her stay to eat never again.

  9. 16amanda says:

    Esperanza is ashamed of where she lives in both of the vignettes because of the paint peeling, the wooden bars papa nailed up, and the street she lives on. Since she is hispanic they have a very small amount of neighborhoods/streets to choose to live. She lied about where her house is because to her all the three-flat houses with the paint crumbled and the feeling of the street that her house is on.

    Esperanza realizes that eating in the canteen isn’t all that cool. Since the after school kids have no one to go home to Esperanza is trying to become more independent like them. She doesn’t want to walk home alone anymore, Nenny and Gloria and Carlos and Kiki walk together, so she walks alone.

  10. Espranza is disappointed because she does not think any more that the canteen is not as special as she though. She’s gone to the principal’s office because of the note that she gave to one of the nuns. She is also disappointed that she didn’t react against the fact that the house that the nun was pointing to was not her house.

    This vignette is related in “The House On Mango Street” because she was humiliated by the fact that she lives in a poor a neighborhood and in “The House On Mango Street” when Espranza ponts at her house to the nun she say ‘you live there'(5). That is how you tell that she is imbaressed by her house sence the biegingin of the book. When she went in the canteen area she relised that she does not want to be in the canteen anymore because she was crying and all of the kids where staring at her. The resion why Espranza was crying was becsue she lied to the nun about where she lived sho she ponted to a diffrent house because she dose not want other people to know where she lives because she is impressed on where she lives and what her house looks like.

  11. In the vignette Esperanza got a big deception when she went told her mother for three days to go there and convincing her, but when Esperanza went there she got disappointed with her because that was not what she was thinking about that place.

  12. anapaula1112 says:

    In the vignette “Rise Sandwich” Esperanza wants to eat in the canteen. She thought that the canteen was the most amazing place to eat in because she wanted to be like her friends, so her friends eat in the canteen obviously she wanted to follow them and also eat in the canteen. She feels shame by the way she couldn’t eat in the canteen as everyone do and she needs to walk home every day because she is not aloud to eat in the canteen. Then, she asks her mother to help get her to eat in the canteen so her mother wrote a letter to the Nun so she can convince her to led Esperanza eat in the canteen. The Nun didn’t believe what her mom wrote but then she gave Esperanza a chance to eat one day in the canteen. Finally she felt disappointed because she realized that eating in the canteen was not a big deal.

    1. whatcanib says:

      Ana Paula, What about her relationship with her mother?

  13. karolinus99 says:

    Esperanza is completely humiliated when she hands out the note, with a some small words, the nun. The nun realizes that Eesperanza only lives a few block away from school, which the nun doesn’t consider far at all. The nun makes Esperanza stand up, to show her that she could even see her house from her window, even though it wasn’t her house (Esperanza was to, shy, humiliated and didn’t want to make matters worse, by saying that it wasn’t her house). That was not it while she was eating her rice sandwich, she was crying, in front of everybody in the canteen, which also embarrassed her.

    Wow their are many things I agree with, first of all I totally agree with Zita, Zita you actually made me think about what happened when she got home, and how her mom would feel about the nun rejecting Esperanza’s willing to stay and eat in the canteen.

    When Esperanza was begging her mom for three days, you could clearly hear that in her responses to Esperanza, she was getting annoyed. I think that Esperanza knew that she was annoying her mother and therefore did it even more, to make her mother give up. And clearly it worked, cause her mother did give up, and wrote a quick short letter to the nun, and packed a small rice sandwich. I also agree, that Esperanza’s mom did not put that much effort in the note she had to write for Esperanza. I don’t think that in this vignette Esperanza’s relationship with her mother is that strong.

  14. 12yeison says:

    I believe that the relationship was not easygoing and there were a lot of conflicts between the Mom and Daughter.The Mom lied to the nuns telling them that Esperanza lived far away. Also that the fact that Esperanza had all her hopes let down when she found out that the canteen was nothing special. She was let down after trying so hard to get in to the canteen.

    1. Carmen Shultz says:

      Esperanza’s mom lied for Esperanza because she didn’t want Esperanza to be left out. I do not think that there is conflict between Esperanza and her mother.And she was not let down either. It was a rule that the children that lived close by, could not eat at the canteen. And yes I agree that the mother lied about Esperanza living far away. I think Esperanza cried, because she was humiliated because of the condition of her house and she did not want the nu to see what her house looked like.

  15. she shows how badly she wants to eat in the school and how it could help people. But Esperanza’s mom doesn’t want her to eat in the school. If she eats there then the mom will have to make sandwich’s. She really wants to wants to eat there and not make sandwichs.

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