Where I’m From

Where I’m From based on the poem by George Ella Lyon

To end our poetry unit, we will write another poem that shows who we are.

Although many of the stanzas are based on the template, you should add extra lines and or stanzas. Be sure to use the poetic devices that you have learned.

Link your poems to this post.

Here is an excerpt from “Where I’m From” by Jack G

Where I’m From

I am from baby powder, Amens and Johnson and Johnson.
I am from the back of the house the vast areas to play and run,
large trees that make it smell like a Deciduous forest.
I am from the coconut trees that were cut down,
The Hibiscus bush that makes the air smell like perfume.
I am from Christmas lunch and Easter breakfast,
From Raymond, Stacy and Gatcliffe.
From don’t-touch-him
and come in for dinner.


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