I Believe…

Credo Poems-

We stared this school year looking at identity, telling the stories of our lives and writing poems that reflect who we are. Credo poems are another form of identity catchers, it allows us to tell

the world what we believe and what beliefs and values make us who we are.

Post your Credo Poems here

I Believe

by Imogen

I believe that beautiful flowers should be allowed to bloom freely,

in even the darkest, dankest of places.

I believe that you can become anything you choose,

but not everyone makes good choices.

I believe in Hakuna Matata.

I believe in human rights,

but that some humans,

don’t act right.

I believe that even when you’re swallowed in the deepest depression,


three little birds will be singing sweet songs,

of melodies pure and true.

I believe that laughter is the best medicine,

but that some people,


I believe that warm, fluffy socks,

are the greatest things to ever be invented,


I believe that small, hopeful


sneaking between cracks in the well-trodden pavement,

are the most

innocent things.

I believe that the songs on someone’s playlist,

will express the depth of their personality,

better than they ever will.

I believe in Nutella,

full stop.

I believe that our beliefs are the things that make us human.

A strand of who we are cast into the galaxy of unknown.


48 Comments Add yours

  1. pierjds says:

    ms meadows, here is my i believe poem, i’m having trouble whit my printer at home, but i will find a way to get it fixed by monday so i can print the poem, hope you like my poem, have a great weekend

  2. here is my credo poem hope you enjoy… I am unable to print it I am sorry.

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