Mentor Poets

We have watched many spoken words poets and talked about their content and style. Now that you have viewed others on your own, tell us who would you use as a mentor for writing and performing your poetry. Also, tell us how they will help you with your poetry.

Be sure to include a link to their blog so that we can watch them in action.

You all know how I an enthralled by Sarah Kay; however, my NEW favorite spoken word poet is Jamaica Osorio.  I love how she takes your breath away with brutal honesty and gut-wrenching history. Read more about the poet behind the spoken words.


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  1. That was really nice, I really like the video and the website because Jamaica expresses her feelings in the poem and how she shared her thoughts and personal experiences in her interview.

  2. jocilynmoore says:

    This was an amazing video that I listened to. It spoke words of how when we forget who we are and what our culture is, that we will even forget our names. When the years go by, our kids might not even know about the history of our family. It said that we must never forget the rich history of our culture. She said you should teach your kids the name of your grandparents to make them remember and proud of who they are and who their family is.

  3. When I was listening to Jamaica Osorio when she was reading the poem she was talking with feelings. She gave the audience the feeling of sadness, anger, also anxious.

  4. claygrooms says:

    I am making NAZ my mentor

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