Show Some Love

I want to say, “Kudos” to those of you who have been commenting on the blogs of your fellow classmates. Thanks for being a valuable part of our blogging community!
I, like your classmates, desire and crave feedback on my writing. I grimace when I open my post or read someone else’s and see that no one has left a comment.

This weekend, please endeavor to show some love to our writing community by commenting on several blogs.

Mrs. Meadows

A Blogger friend of mine posted this:

Confession Tuesday Okay, this is part rant, part plea, and part advice to my fellow bloggers. Feel free to blow me off but if you proceed know that the following is one sista telling you how I really feel (as if I’m ever anything but candid). There are a lot of online users who are new not only to blogging but interacting online in general. Me, I’m an old veteran so I’m going to mention a few things that use to be common knowledge among message board members and online community administrators.

The following are Susan’s guide to creating a great webspace and being a good member of online communities:

* Content. Bloggers, a blog is a website. You are a writer. Even if your site is personal, remember it is public. Think before you post minutia. There is no shortage of content or topics to cover. Give your readers a reason to return. * Respond. Part of the appeal of blogs and the Internet is the ability to interact. If I wanted to sit in on a lecture or read a traditional article with no means of sharing my opinion, I wouldn’t be reading a blog. When your readers comment, reply. Generic is better than no response. Believe me. And many readers like me do care if you act as if you sit in a lofty tower. My ‘I just want to sit at your feet days’ passed more than a decade ago.

* Memes. Warning, major rant here. Participants if you don’t know, memes are only successful when participants participate. That means drop a link and follow up by commenting to other participants’ posts. If you’re too busy to visit fellow bloggers and leave a comment, don’t post your link and bail. Not cool. Some memes boast double digit links but there is little commenting going on. What’s up with that? And do link back to the original meme post. Why? Because it makes it easier to access the next link so you can comment to someone else.

* Websites are references. Bloggers if you don’t know, not only are your fans reading you but so are future employers and current ones. The Internet is public. Be careful what you post. Don’t publish something that someone can access at a future time that will cause you a career move blocker.

* Word verification. Okay rock stars. I realize I said spam is real but do you really need word verification? Live Journal is the worst. Not only do you have to type words that are barely readable but then you have to cut and paste gibberish. What the frack? Yes, I get you don’t want ugly comments or spam but have you really had multiple, bad experiences or did you buy a policy because it sounded good, and you wanted to be careful? Really, how long would it take you to delete an unwanted comment? Less time than it takes your readers who are taking time to comment. Years ago, I belonged to a diversity forum and there was a real need to moderate and filter comments. If you run a blog that inherently draws the nut jobs, by all means, I agree you need filters. For the rest of us who are gushing over books or grand babies, I don’t think we have too much to worry about. If you have word verification, know that I and I don’t think I’m alone and it’s cool if you don’t care if only I don’t show up, know that I come by your space less often and definitely comment less. I spend way too much time online, and I don’t want to extend that time jumping hoops to tell you I enjoyed what you wrote.

I concede upfront that I have not mastered everything mentioned. I am a scatterbrain and I will forget to write a host and while I hate word verification that doesn’t mean I won’t read a blogger. The obvious exception are bloggers I’ve gotten to know so I will jump hoops when motivated.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Very nice explanation of how to blog!!!!
    Where do you find all of these websites?

  2. 12yeison says:

    Cool bloging advice.
    I will take this advice and use it when I am doing any future poems.

  3. Good reading time! Excellent explanation of blogging.
    it will be really helpful for future post. Lots of details and
    overall it was a great post!

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