Being Reflective

Mr. Reeves came to share his experiences growing up in Durban, South Africa during the system of apartheid.

His account of life in the segregated city gave a chilling view into what it was like to be black, colored, or white during such a tumultuous time in that country’s history.

Listening to Mr.Reeves I was reminded of one of my favorite memoirs Don’t Let’s Go to The Dogs Tonight by Alexandra Fuller. The story is set in Rodesia during civil unrest, and like Mr. Reeves, Alexandra (known as Bobo) has an unshakable loyalty to the country despite the trial and tribulations of growing up white in Africa. For both of them, Africa will always be their home.

The thing that struck me during the conversation was how black, white and colored South Africans were moved by Nelson Mandela’s  vision not to vacillate between what would unite the country and what his supporters felt they needed. His actions were principled, caring, knowledgeable, reflective and most certainly required taking risks.

Please write a reflection on your blog and let me know how you were affected by his account.







Here is a video I found about District 6 and how apartheid affected a community of blacks and coloreds. Please take a look.

District 6 Capetown


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