The Wonder of Spoken Word

“It’s not just the adage ‘write what you know,’ it’s about gathering up all of the knowledge and experience you’ve collected up to now to help you dive into the things you don’t know.”
-Sarah Kay

We have been dabbling in our writing of spoken word poetry. One of our favorite poets is Sarah Kay. Listen to her poems and get inspired.

Then, get ready to slam!

For my daughter




Interview with Sarah Kay


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  1. Wow that interview really tells me a lot about Sarah Kay and her life.
    I like the part when she says that she likes to hear other people talk not just listen to herself.
    She also talks about the time she went to District 6 and she went to a museum that showed the history of Hiroshima.

  2. anapaula1112 says:

    Impressive ! I really learned more about Sarah’s life. I did not know that she has Japanease , American family. She really likes to hear people’s stories and also tell her story. I heard a sentence that really inspired me that was like , the more specific you get the more succesful you are .

  3. imogendenson says:

    I love how Sarah Kay got into poetry slams by accident when an anonymous person entered her into one and how poetry has been in her life since she was a baby. In this interview I learned that you not only have to tell your stories, you need to listen to other people’s too. She explains how when she gets inspired, she researches and finds out as much as she can about whatever had inspired her before writing about it. It’s great that she never gives up, whatever the circumstances.

  4. azzy304 says:

    The part that I liked the most of this interview with Sarah Kay would answer as if she were to say a poem. I also thought about how she said adults say that “Spoken Word Poetry is rap and stuff and it does not educate children”, “But it does educate children and it is not something new it is ancient in a way, and it is a great way for people to express them selves” she would answer.
    But then the children would say poetry is from the “dead guys”, she would say, “No, it is like rap and a new way to express then selves”. Honestly it is both. I liked that part because it is true, poetry it ancient but spoken word poetry is new to the world, well in the way Sarah Kay and may others use spoken word.

  5. 12yeison says:

    Wow Japanese and American I did not expect that.The video was good because it told about her past. It is interesting that she started poetry when an unknown person entered her in a Grand Slam. I like how she also mentions that part of her family are into the photography business. I really learned a lot about Sarah Kay, something things that I would never have guessed. This was a very personal interview and I think Sarah Kay is a risk-taker for doing this interview.

  6. I didn´t know that Sarah Kay started to learn poetry since she was very little. Also it is interesting that she started with a Poetry Slam in NYC, even if she didn´t submitted by herself and an unknown person submitted her. This interview reminds me of if you want to be an expert in one subject you have to start practicing it when you are little. Something I´m trying to figure it out is how does she have all the luck to enter into a Poetry Slam randomly? Also I think about how her parents get married if Japan and U.S.A were in conflicts in that year. This interview reminds me of that if you follow your dreams you can have a better world and become a better person. This interview was pretty interesting. I know that her parents were photographers, but I didn´t notice that they have a store. This interview was very interesting, she talks a lot!

    This is the corrected one.

  7. This interview is really helpful to me because I learn that poems are not always about rhymes or beautiful things like love and peace, poems are to express yourself about your personal experience, about something that is interesting to you or about something you can relate with. In this interview Sarah explained what motivated her to write all her poems and how having Japanese and American family reflected on her poetry.

  8. gloriachu17 says:

    The interview was very interesting. I learned things I didn’t know about Sarah Kay. What impressed me the most was that she has always loved poetry since baby but she didn’t expect that she was going to get into poetry for the rest of her life; until one day she went to a friend’s house and all of a sudden there was a film about the National Poetry Slam and a month later Sarah Kay received a letter that said she had been registered to compete to the NYC Poetry Slam. I also liked the fact that her parents were both photographers and they met each other through photography. Sarah Kay called my attention when she said “Is important to listen as it is to speak”, I think she is right because when you speak, people listen to you, so you should also show respect when people talk and therefore, listen also to them.
    I also noticed that she never gives up on something until she reaches it!

  9. jocilynmoore says:

    This is an amazing interview. This is an important interview because it describes the actual poet. The real side of Sarah Kay. When they said that she was half Japanese and Jewish, I actually thought that she was more American. This was important because there was a famous saying to this quote. It was, “You can’t judge a book by the cover.” It means that you shouldn’t judge people by what they look like.
    In other words, it could have been natural with parents who are photographers to do something with art. And when she said something about most humans just wanting to hear they talk instead of listening to others, which goes for all of us. Especially with me because I like to talk more than listen myself. Most would get lots of ideas from going too Japan, and Cape Town in the heart of District 6. You would get some inspiration there. Most people today would think that poetry is rap and stuff, but to Sarah Kay says it, it is just beautiful old fashioned poetry.

  10. itanimul says:

    Listening to Sarah Kay reminds me of my mothers life. Like her , my mother had a mother from a contry who had conflict with her fatherland. The Part when she say´s :” I´ve accidently found path to poetry”, maked me laugh because of her extraordinary talent which has been found ”by accident”. It also makes me think of how ironic and special her path to success is. Another way to look at this is that her parents where artists to, both connected throw photographie. I can relate to this because I express my sensations and emotion by making music. Something I am trying to figure out is how she can make out of simple details, a deep and interpretatif poem.

  11. I like how she gives us information about her personal life, including her dad being a photographer, her mom being a japanese american, and how she started poetry. She also answered all of the questions with confidence even if it was something as little as what she ate for breakfast. I also like that she says that she was nervous at first when she started to do poetry in her teenage years, that she quickly overcame her nervousness.

  12. alisadn says:

    When the interviewer asked Sarah Kay what she had for breakfast, she answered that she had eggs, ice-cream and Milo. This reminds me of when I lived in Australia for three years and Milo was a big thing there, just likes vegemite and meat pies. Milo is a chocolate powder normally put in milk or used to make hot chocolate, but they also had other products like Milo cereal. Her opinion was that it was the greatest thing and I would have to agree with that 100%.
    Sarah Kay said she is Japanese and Jewish as well as American. She said she would have motzah ball soup with Japanese noodles sometimes. Well, I am like her because I am from many religions and cultures. She uses her personal life to link it into her poem. For example her poem Hiroshima took place in Japan and she could relate to the event because she was part Japanese and it was part of her history.
    She also had said that she tells her students to use their 5 senses. That way people can try and get an image of an experience you may have had. If you describe your experience well enough it is a key to let people experience it too. She said “No one can tell your story better than yourself.” This is very true because you’re the only one who knows the 5 senses of your experience.

  13. emilyduque9 says:

    I think one of the most important things Sarah Kay believes its as important to listen to poetry as to speak it. I believe this means that she gets inspiration from other people and the world around her and that is the best place to get inspiration. She makes her poems are personal so that even if someone has no attachment to what she is saying thing can still feel her pain or happiness. Poetry doesn’t have to be a curtain way because everyone expresses themselves in the own way, but we need to experience with all five senses for the poem to come alive. Sarah believes that language is very powerful and people use it in ways that help no one. She also believes you need to express your emotions and share them in oder to help others. Overall Sarah Kay is a very inspiring person who has strong beliefs and works hard to accomplish her goals.

  14. I found the interview with Sarah Kay very interesting because her whole lifelong goal was determined by a single anonymous entry letter to a poetry slam. Her whole career was guided by the short poems that her parents put every day in her lunch box.
    I liked the part where she was telling us about “the three things”, to think of three things that you know are true, because she was telling us how she gets ideas to make great poems. I also like what she is doing in the schools, because she is giving something to these students about poetry that they probably have never experienced before. Sarah Kay is trying to share her childhood with the world, in my opinion.

  15. The interview shows me, Sarah Kay is a really nice person.
    I like the part when she says she eat ice-cream in the brake fist.
    She also talk about that she likes to hear people talk not just listen to her.
    It is an entreating comment.
    And she is Japanese that make me surprise, but she have an American family that is cool.
    She also mentions that part of her family are into the photography business.
    Sarah Kay called my attention when she said “Is important to listen as it is to speak” I think is true because is like this I have inspiration to draw and to rite history’s to my brother some times.
    Sarah Kay is Rocks.

  16. Marco B says:

    WOW! I really liked Sarah Kay’s interview. I really liked the fact that since both of her parents liked poetry, every time they prepared lunch to her, from first grade to fourth grade, they would always write a poem on a piece of paper and put it in her lunch box. Another thing that I liked is when she said that the Barry Poetry Program taught her that it is important to speak and to listen because some people are too busy listening to themselves. In fact, she says that she learned from people that listen the best. Another thing that I liked is when she said that twice she had been accepted to compete in the National Poetry Slam, but unluckily, she couldn’t go because the competition was for people over 21 years of age. The next year, she was accepted again, and she was able to compete because the competition was in Austin, Texas, and it was for people over 18 years of age. That summer, she went with her cousins to Japan and visited Hiroshima, and this is how she wrote the Hiroshima poem.

  17. I like the interview because Sarah Kay was taking about her childhood. Sarah Kay says that poetry was always in her childhood. I realized that in her poems she sometimes interact with her life. It reminds me of my life on a post card that I did for school. I love Sarah Kay’s poems because they are very deep on what the poem is all about she also does some research to her poems. That is what I like about the interview.

  18. carmenshultz says:

    I really thought it was amazing that Sarah Kay was able to open up and express her emotions and feelings toward the way she thinks about poems. She was very expressive. For example she said she had always love poetry ever since she was a baby, and still does. She says she is half Japanese and half American, I never expected that. Sarah Kay said that she had gotten a letter that had accepted her to be in The National Poetry Slam. The first time she wasn’t able to go because of her age. But luckily she was accepted again and she was able to go the next time because the Competition was being held in Austin, Texas. I liked how she talked about her past and how she mentions that her parents put a poem in her lunch box every day so that she could look forward to a new poem. She talks about the dark room in her house and how she says that she thought everyone had it the same way as her.
    I think Sarah Kay has a really good way with words and putting them together to make poems and stories.

  19. Paula Parra says:

    I really found Sarah Kay’s story and poems inspiring, and the part where she says that she’s Japanese AND American shocked me because she doesn’t look like she’s Japanese. I like the part where she tells us how her parents used to put little poems in her lunchbox so that she when opened the lunchbox she could have a new poem waiting for her I also liked the part where she says that the Barry Poetry Program taught her that it is important to speak and to listen because some people are too busy listening to themselves. I found really interesting that se had begun spoken poetry so young, at 14 year olds. I found funny how she tells us that her secret dream is to write musicals. I really liked how she explains so good how she writes and the exercises she does to help her students to write a poem and also how the interview ends.

  20. juanf007 says:

    I learned that Brooklynese and jewish. poetry topic doesn’t have to be Universal like Time ,politics ,Love etc. As long as its involved with you’re 5 senses thats good. Words are powerful so you have to choose the right words .Religion might be an answer or to figure things out . I learned she really wanted to be in he ted speech and she was in it.

  21. dorothyflagg says:

    I was really surprised at the fact that she started preforming poetry because someone anonymous entered her into a poetry slam in high school. I found she said it very important when she said” It is equally important to listen as it is to speak.” because that is so true. I remember someone once told me that ” you will always learn the most important life lessons by listening to others.” listening to someone and hear what someone said are to totally different things when you hear what someone says there words go threw one ear and come out the other, but when you listen to what someone is saying you understand the message the message that they are trying to send you and you can think of you can relate to what they are saying a respond.

  22. estelee says:

    I am really impressed that she started to write poetry when she was only 14 years old. I didnt´t imagine she was half japanese and half jewish, I thouhg tshe was american, that is my case too, people when they look at me they think I am chinese but I tell them “No, Im from Argentina”. I liked how she explained how her parents met, it sounded like a story. I also liked when she defended poetry against rap, saying it is the old fashioned stroytelling mode, I think rap comes from poetry. When she said it was heartbreaking to be out of the poetry slam, that remind me of leaving Argentina.

  23. Mark Norman says:

    I’m amazed. Sarah has a very diverse life, she is Japanese/American, she is Jewish but had her sins washed away in a Buddhist temple. She really has experienced a lot of different cultures and I think that influences her poetry because she is very open minded to other cultures ideas. Both her father and her mother being photographers could be another key factor to why she is a poet; taking pictures and writing poems are two different ways of capturing the beauty of our world. Awesomely interesting.

  24. charlyssm says:

    Sarah Kay has very interesting life; it’s really about her connections she has with poetry and her life. She always loved poetry starting on her early ages, but she was frightened to publish, read, or showing the poems (that she had created) in public. What I really enjoyed of her interview is that it wasn’t as serious, what I mean by this is that in the interview they talk about their breakfast, I really find it creative for the interviewer. This interview was also interesting by knowing more information about Sarah Kay. Now instead of only reading her poems, I now know more about a life of a poetry author.

  25. karolinus99 says:

    When she was talking about herself in her early years, it really reminded me of myself, how she was sure she was going to be a filmmaker, but then found out about spoken word and changed her mind. I too once sure about what I was passionate about, but then changed my mind. What really got my attention was that she actually went to District 6 and went to Hiroshima and then wrote the poems. What really inspired me was that she started writing poetry when she was really young, and that made me want to start on my dreams now.

  26. annacorn says:

    I wasn’t that much surprised that she has been writing poetry since she was a kid. I like how she is so carefree on her answers like when she was asked what she had for breaksfast and she said” I had to eggs over easy and since I was feeling naughty I ate a vanilla ice-cream with Milo sauce(Milo is an australian chocolate sauce)”. I also liked when she said that girls should be able to be silly and make fart jokes. Also it is interesting that even if she wasn’t submitted by herserself she started with a Poetry Slam in New York. Another thing I liked about her is that she likes to listen to people talk not just listen to her.

  27. Daniel Montilla says:

    This very interesting interview was really impressive. Learn some very interesting thing about Sarah Kay and her life. Like the part when she explain how she explain to the peaplo on the schools how Spoken Word was not a rap modern thing, is one very old way of epresing yourself. She also talked about that she was form a Japanese American family and how she had two awesome fotografers parents that always were there for her.

    -Daniel Montilla

  28. Isaac Parra says:

    It´s really surprising the fact that in Sarah Kay´s interview, she state that poetry is his way of expression and a way to articulate what she is thinking or feeling. I also love the part when she said: that there are different times and moments of something she called intersections, that can be notice when someone writes a poem, the first intersection is, when someone writes something and other one writes the exact opposite of it. The second one is when you talk of something that everyone thinks they know, but the person explains it in other perspective that you haven´t think before. The third one is when you talk of something the people haven´t even heard before; and the fourth one is when someone has something in his poem that is similar to others person one. From the four “intersections” I mention above the second one is my favorite, because it has happened to me, and the sensation of seeing how people react in relation with what you are saying of what they think they thought, is really exciting.

  29. 16amanda says:

    This interview is very impressive. Sarah Kay was very precise and detailed with
    her answers to the questions. My favorite part was when she said,” Poetry is a
    surprise, like a present waiting to be unwrapped.” I listened very closely and
    put myself in her position when she would sneak into the bar and listen to the
    poems adults would read. When Krista Tippett, the interviewer, said,” Poetry is
    about expressing opinions,” it made me think about learner profile, open minded
    is the characteristic that came to my mind.

  30. mariacova9 says:

    I really like how she says that she started poetry from a young age and how at first she was nervious. I enjoyed listening to her, because she answers allthe questions with confidence and she gives a lot of information of her life, she says that she is half Japonise and also Jewish. I like how she mixes poetry with music. I really liked how she answer to what she had for breakfast, that was my favorite part. She really inspired me and is good to know that ever she was nervious at first.

    1. tanyam07 says:

      In this interview with Sarah Kay she told us about her life and how she got inspired in writing poetry. I really got inspired by listening to this, because now everything makes sense to me, why do we have to write a poem in the first place. Poetry doesn’t have to rhyme, she explained, its just letting out what you think and what you feel in a very artistic way. She said she was into poetry since she was very little and loved listening to other peoples feelings and perspectives as much as she likes sharing hers, also that she knew she was even more prepared after an anonymous person subscribed her in a poety slam and she went on stage reciting her poems. 

  31. mariacova9 says:

    I really like how Sarah answer the questions. The was confident and answerall sort of question, she even described her breakfast, that was my favorite part. Shegives alot of information about her, she says that she is half Japonese because her mum is and how she is also Jewish because his dad is american, the fact that she belongs to so many different cultures makes me know how open-minded she must be. I liked how she says that she started poetry when she was young, and is good to know that even she was nervious at first. I liked how she talks about how she teaches that when writing a poem we should use our 5 sentences, that is a very good piece of advise.

  32. I did not know, her life was so interesting. she was very detailed and spoke clearly. The part I found most interesting is she is half japanese. I like the part were her family tries to find temple on there vaction, which sound fun and I would like to try to find a temple.

  33. Jacob says:

    I mostly heard information about the interview with Sarah in class so I’m not all to surprised when Sarah said she came from a Japaneas, American, and Jewish family but I was surprised that she got her Cape Town poem not by actually meeting the man she was talking about but by looking at a picture of his birds on what used to be his home at a museum. But what i didn’t hear in class was when Sarah was in kinder to 4th grade she took her own lunch to school and at lunch time when she opened her lunch box there would be a poem inside written by her parents which I found interesting why would someone do that. What really inpired me in the interview was when Sarah said when she would teach a class she would tell the students poetry is not dead guys poetry is new its rap music but a better way to express yourself I’ll say and its funny when she said that in my head I was coming up with a new poem and I was thinking what it would be like performing in a poem slam.

  34. This interview made me understand where she came from sarah kay inspiration comes from , his favourite poet , she also has a very variety of culture in her family , beacuse I really thought she was a just a regular American , not from Japanese and Jewish ancestors . Also I think at the phrase “the more specific you get the more successful you are ” she said was really deep because I think she explains how her life based in that .

  35. mmartin665 says:

    Reblogged this on mmartin665 and commented:
    It is amazing how she loves tell people’s history that they can not say for themselves from a poetry way. Also, she says that poetry is now, is real, abstract, big, universal and not just of love like everyone think,

    she says that the poem should have commun topics with the audience. I also learn that poems doesn´t need to be only about love they can be about everything and that the job of a poet is entertainment and education too.

    I love how she says that poetry is her way to navegate or fight with her own problems or feelings and her performance is an escape that is very beatiful and unique.

  36. mmartin665 says:

    It is amazing how she loves tell people’s history that they can not say for themselves from a poetry way. Also, she says that poetry is now, is real, abstract, big, universal and not just of love like everyone think,

    she says that the poem should have commun topics with the audience. I also learn that poems doesn´t need to be only about love they can be about everything and that the job of a poet is entertainment and education too.

    I love how she says that poetry is her way to navegate or fight with her own problems or feelings and her performance is an escape that is very beatiful and unique.

  37. jaimeadames says:

    i really think that this interview was deep, i like the way that Sarah Kay answers the question referring back to history, like when she said that poetry wasn’t only about rap and hip hop and all that but it is also Shakespeare and Homer and how everyone should be introduced into these marvelous writers. I also think that some parts of this poem i can truly relate to, like when she talks about the people who can truly listen, and i know various people who can truly hold in his/her ideas and analyze everything that someone tells them, and also I have been really analyzing myself and finding out that i am the person who talks when i should listen. She gave some private information, and know i think that i know her a little better and how she is half Japanese and half Jewish and how her holidays role. She also gave huge tips to make poetry more visual and not to tackle the huge problems of the world in a poem but to be specific and relate to you and your experiences. overall i feel that i now know who she is and where she comes from, also i know how it feels to slam and know i have something to prepare myself for just like she did in her national slam contest.

  38. felipeoduber says:

    This was a really impressive interview. What most impressed me was when Sarah Kay said “the more specific you get the more successful you are”. That sentence really makes you think about how the poems you write will be and what words make you more successful. I learned things from Sarah Kay that I didn’t know before and things that are really interesting.

  39. I find interesting how she is half Japonese and Jewish. I love how she started with poetry and I think is very important that she liked poetry when she was very young. I also really like how her parents like the same things such us photography and most important poetry. I find very cool how when she goes on a trip she wrigths a poem about it for example the poem of district 6, she actually went to South Africa.

  40. As I started to hear about her childhood, I was enlightened by the way she developed her relation to poetry at an early age, how every day she recieved a new poem in her lunch box. She mentions how her family inspired her into writing poetry. I enjoyed as she explains how speaking is as important as listening and how learning that skill became a very hard task for her to achieve. She explains how she contradicts harself by argueing from both sides of the arguement, which shows how she notices and accepts some of her own mistakes. I also liked when she explains that the job of the poet is not only soul baring, it’s also entertaining and educating. And when she explained her inspiration to writing the poem shown in class. She was very lucky when she was able to participate in the National Poetry Slam when she was 18, and how she found the inspiration to write her poem when she visited Hiroshima with her family. I was amazed when she gave her opinion about using language and about using it carefully, because I didn’t expected that from a poet. Also how she gives her opinion about religion, how it came into our world and how it is nowadays in our society. I understood her when she explained how she sterted proyect V.O.I.C.E. and what it ment for her to do so. She seemed to enjoy explaining about her hopes about being a film maker and how she liked to use the word “flux” because of its meaning and pronounciation. Even thought the interview was an hour long, I enjoyed hearing Sarah’s opinion about poetry and about life.

  41. Wow, I really liked how she explains how her life has gone through and how she got into poetry with her parents, it really inspired me because how she explains that people who are quiet and only talk when they need to, she says that she wants to learn from people. I really like the fact that she uses personal information in to her poems so she makes the reader interested. The thing that I can´t figure out is that she choose poetry when it was by accident. I found really curious that she is half Japanese and half American and in her house it was always a mix of Jewish people and Buddhist people. I like the fact that she interact with people when she is researching about her poems.

  42. jacoboro says:

    I really liked the interview,and I didn’t know that She was half Japanese and half jewish,I thought that she was half chinese and half american.I really liked the part when she said “the more specific you get, the more successful you are” It makes me think about when you explain or present something, because if you are very specific the people understand you more and you get successful. I liked when she said about her childhood that she thought that a kid should be perfect, because when you are a samll kid you try to do everything right but you learn from the mistakes.

  43. I like that interview because she talks about her life and how she live it, I like the part when she talks about how she began her day because I think that there she is saying that she is normal than us and not a woman of other world, also I like the part when she said that she really don’t like to stay In the stage because stay in public was scary for her but one day it happened and now she is not afraid to talk in the stage, another thing that I that I like that was she wanted to be a film maker in the high school and go to a film school when she grown but she take the world of poems first than the other of film maker.

  44. joshuasam says:

    Ok I loved this podcast. I like the way how Sarah described her life and about her American-Japanese family. And I like the way she explains, how children think of poetry, and how she thinks poetry, really is. I’ve realized that some of her poems have something to do with her entire life. Sarah inspires me to write (or act out) poems. And Sarah answers the questions as if she was saying a poem, that was pretty cool. I never knew that their was a Poetry Slam in New York, that is something good to know.

  45. danigi0105 says:

    Amazing! In this interview I really learned of Sarah Kay’s life, it just amazing all her life it just amazing and the way she knew she wanted to be a posttest. This is important because now I can understand better her poems and why she does them. I really liked the fact that in all her poems she says the word “connects”, and the way she used it, because she says that everything in life connects. One of the things a found really amazing was the fact that she said that we could pay more attention to language, the way we used. She said that it would be amazing if could spend time thinking of what to say and that’s what she loves of poetry that she can spend her time thinking for the exact words to say and how she can think for a different way of telling things. Another thing I found interesting was that she said that “poetry isn’t about finding facts is about telling the truth”. And it actually is like that because that’s why research is so important; because when you are doing your poem you don’t just put facts on it you put the truth.

  46. I learned more about Sarah´s life than what I ever expected to, I tought she was American not Japanes and i never expected her to be jewish as well. She explains her life really well so you can clearly see what she is trying to say.

    I liked the fact that she actually went to district 6 and then researched about what she experienced (wich actually reflexes an IB trait inquirer). She was really into poetry you could tell because she even dared to sneak into a bar at the age of 14 just to hear the adult poets recite. That was one of the things that mostly inspired she really wanted to recite even tough when she was young she was crazy and wanted to be a super profession.

  47. I found this interview really interesting. I really admire how easy it is to Sarah Kay to tell a story and make it sound interesting and filled with details. To me, she is a natural speaker. I also like how she gets personal with us by saying where her ancestors came from and how was she growing up in a family with 2 different origins. Also, I found myself impressed when she said how she started with poetry when she was just 14. I truly admire her as a person and a poet.

  48. Overall, I enjoyed the interview. i liked the inside perspective that gives us inside her life and how opened she is to about it. One thing that caught my eye, was how she told us that she is half Japanese and half Jewish as i had no idea she had connection to those cultures. Another thing i enjoyed was how she has developed into this amazing person that is very insperational to people. How she started at a young age and grew older to become who she is. Now after reading this i find Sarah Kay more inspirational.

  49. marcohd18 says:

    Sarah Kay is half japaneese and half Brooklyneese. This reminds me of my mom, who
    is half spanish and half panamenian, I´m also part spanish and part panamenian.
    -Her parents used to make a poem every day and put it in her lunchbox. It makes me
    feel of tenderness because her parents love her a lot.
    -Sarah talks about poems like Hiroshima, District 6 and Ibrahim at Capetown; she
    wants to write the best poem ever. This is important because it inspires me to write a
    -She likes strange words. Another way to look at this is that she is an extraordinary
    person that likes all types of words and styles in her poems.
    -Something I am trying to figure out is what she says about people who are scared to
    tell the world who they are; they must believe in themselves.

  50. After listening to Sarah Kay’s interview on the web I felt that I could understand her spoken word poems better. I actually got to know Sarah much better. I liked how descriptive she is in her poems and even when she is just telling a story. I found it incredible how her parents are artists too. I really enjoyed this interview it makes me actually understand and feel more touched by most of her poems now that i know all this information. By the way i am posting this today because all weekend my internet didn’t work. It said invalid ip adress,IPA not available.

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