To-Go Kits

In our quest to eliminate our use of disposable plastics, the eighth grade students and I are partaking in a two week challenge. We created a To-Go kit. A To-Go Kit is your own set of personal reusable items that you can take with you anywhere, so you don’t have to use and purchase single-use disposable products. Our kits consist of these items:

Reusable Shopping Bag
Reusable Cup or Bottle
Sturdy To-Go Container and/or Plate
Cloth Napkin or a Bandana

We will take our kits with us when we leave the house and record when we used it and what reaction was evoked by others when we did. We will reflect on the blog at the end of each week.


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    1. estelee says:

      Sorry but I deleted that post becuase I found some mistakes in it. This is the new URL

  1. alisadn says:

    This is my URL that has my first week on it:
    I also handed it in on Edmodo.

  2. imogendenson says:

    As i didn’t get a chance to use my To-Go Kit this week, here’s my reflection on To-Go Kits in general. Hopefully that’s okay(:

  3. carmenshultz says:
    Here is my post for the week sorry for the daily posts. I’ll just do it weekly for the next post.

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